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E- Learning

Tin Pan Learner provides a generative AI-driven simulation platform for the training of all employees within professional services.


Students and participants are trained on a particular subject by applying their learning in a realistic simulation of a scenario with AI-powered virtual characters.


The platform enables realistic scenarios to be simulated where different parties in the conversation have unequal information. It allows scenarios to be customised and tailored to particular organisational situations and learning objectives.


Tin Pan has produced numerous training films for professional services, but now provides the very latest in e-learning for these companies.


Learners access the platform through a simple and fast on-boarding process.


Choose from a library of content crafted by our team of learning designers.



Educators can use our simple customisation tools to tailor the scenarios to your context and learning objectives.


Programme learners can receive AI-generated performance evaluations.

Tin Pan is powered by Qinect. 

Tin Pan has partnered with Qinect. Qinect is building an application and content on top of AI large language models (e.g. ChatGPT). Qinect was recently in mentioned in the Financial Times an app to watch in terms of educational e-learning.

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