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Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events is an exciting tool for Business Development departments and an area which has rapidly changed over the past couple of years.


Hybrid Events, as the name suggests is a combination of live meetings, presentations or conferences whilst at the same time providing participants who are online the ability to watch live and participate. 


This means that people from around the country or the world can either choose to travel to the event or because of costs, safety concerns, or environmental issues, can also participate from their workplace. 


Tin Pan Media has also added an exciting and unique element to the audience’s journey by allowing the events team to follow up by using Interactive Videos.

remote event

A Unique Journey

Audience engagement is an essential element of hybrid events both during and after the event. 


Tin Pan Media have developed an outstanding technology package to facilitate your hybrid event. We put the audience’s journey first, and ensure that the care and planning which goes into your live events is communicated seamlessly to your virtual attendees.  Audience members can talk, share, like, comment, participate in Q&A sessions, and access networking opportunities.


After the event has finished, Tin Pan Media continues to engage the participants in an unique manner. 


Importantly and unique to Tin Pan Media, we can edit the presentations, talks or panel discussions and present them as an Interactive Video. 


The participant can then choose which event they would like to watch, when the viewer has seen enough they can click on a button and go back to the main menu.  Each video has a link to a form or a link where reports etc can be downloaded. 

hybrid event

A Few of
The Benefits

  • Increased reach and attendance – allows an unlimited number of people to attend an event, and attendees can participate from any part of the globe.

  • Reduced environmental impact – going hybrid is a great way to accommodate attendees who are conscious of their personal carbon footprint.

  • Repurpose and re-share – following the event, you can use your digital content as marketing material, either as an Interactive Video or social media.  Anyone who was unable to attend the live event can watch it retrospectively, and you can also easily promote future events.

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