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Introducing Interactive Video

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Interactive video can fundamentally change the journey that the viewer goes through whilst watching. With a conventional video format, it is the filmmaker or author who decides the narrative of the story, information presented and images, and in which order. The viewer assumes a passive role. In the case of interactive video, how’s that journey is constructed is left up to the viewer – resulting in far more active engagement.

Tin Pan Media understands the value of digital content and we work with our corporate clients to ensure we produce powerful, creative videos that become key assets in their business' communication strategy, whether this is internal or client facing. We are constantly looking to improve and innovate with the use of video, exploring in a cost-effective way how businesses can communicate better and more effectively with their audiences.

The power of interactive video can also be combined with high-quality remote systems, which Tin Pan Media has created to allow content creators and presenters to record professional videos from home.

To find out more about introducing interactive video into your communication strategy, book a consultation with us. We can give you examples of recent projects we've completed and explore how we can bring your video content to life.

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