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Tin Pan Media has made a number of films for major UK charities. It is an arena which the producers who work for Tin Pan Media feel very passionate about.  We have filmed for charities both in the UK and abroad. 

In 2016 Tin Pan Media was asked to make a film for Justice and Care, which featured people who have suffered from human trafficking and slavery. The film was shot in and around the cities of Mumbai and Kolkata in northern India. It looked at the plight of young girls who had been kidnapped and taken across countries and then placed in brothels.


Ed Blum, the lead producer, interviewed the charity's staff who were based in these cities, including their undercover investigators, and the survivors. Sometimes filming in the poorest areas of these cities. His background in working on such programmes as Crimewatch allowed him to capture powerful testimonials from the survivors.


The film demonstrated the compassion and dangers which the staff need to go through to investigate, rescue and then provide healing for the survivors. The film was used at an annual event to raise money for the charity. There is no public access film in order to protect the identity of the staff and the survivors.


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