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Legal Services

Tin Pan Media has a deep understanding of the requirements of legal firms in the UK and internationally. Over the past four years we have produced over 100 films for the legal firm Clyde & Co. Our company is now taking this knowledge and starting to help other legal firms develop a strong video strategy. 

In the post Covid working practices where so many lawyers and support staff are working from home, video is becoming even more essential in binding a company, making all the employees feel they belong to one organisation. Tin Pan Media is constantly creating new ideas for how internal communication can bring people together and we make sure the most important messages are transmitted clearly.


In terms of Marketing and Business Development, video is also becoming essential. Tin Pan Media is highly adept at producing videos either filmed in the offices or remotely training lawyers to film themselves to provide top quality content. We can create films which make companies stand out either on the firm's website and increasingly on social media sites such as LinkedIn.


We have made films looking at most contemporary subjects which a large legal firm and their clients are presently having to deal with: besides the immediate pressures created by COVID we have examined subjects such as the introduction of Blockchain, the issue of Cyber Security, or the ever increasing wide ranging risks associated with Climate Change. We have made films on Risk Management and numerous areas associated with Litigation or Insurance disputes. We have even created mock trials so lawyers and barristers can get better trained.

Departments with Legal firms we have made films for include:


International communications

Business Development

Diversity & Inclusion


Training & Development.


creative collaoration legal firms


the video

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