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Management Consultancies

Tin Pan Media has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with Management Consultancies, Our recent projects have spanned the Retail, Natural Resources and Construction industries.


Case Study

Turner & Townsend

Over the past two years our company has produced over 50 films for the management consultancy firm Turner and Townsend. 

Before Tin Pan Media was brought in, Turner & Townsend was not using video in any form, either for communication or marketing. In little under two years, Tin Pan media has worked to develop a video strategy which now encompasses all areas of this £650m company. We have made films for a variety of different departments which has allowed the company to build a library of footage of their worldwide operations.

In a recent major development we also created the first interactive video for the company. The variety of different films integrated into the single project included a post Covid film which was filmed looking at the charities supported by the company and filmed remotely from around the world. 

management consultants video marketing


the video

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